Happy Birthday, Jim McMahon – The Chargers Miss You!

Are those stunners hanging down from the visor? Must. Have. One.

Happy 53rd Birthday, Jim McMahon. His career is a funny thing. Even when he won the Super Bowl with the Bears… he was never all that good. By the time his massive ego came to the Chargers… he played one year, 1989… started 11 games, went 4-7 and equaled his 10 TDs with 10 INTs. Worse than mediocre. He got benched for the last few games of the season, then released. Solid Chargers career. One thing he can say is that he got to play along side one of the all-time Charger greats: BILLY RAY SMITH!

At the time of this post, you can buy the entire Chargers team set on eBay for a whopping $1.99. Also, if you see those 1989 Pro Set football cards…and don’t think of Barry Sanders… well, that means you never collected cards.


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