AJ Smith With Some Encouraging Words for Ryan Mathews

Before we get started here… is this my finest artwork ever? Just might be.

I don’t know what the hell is up A.J. Smith’s ass, but good grief… is all this really necessary? Yeah, we get it. Ryan needs to stop fumbling. He gets it. But publicly throwing him under the bus? Sure that’s the best route here, A.J.?

“Let me cut to the chase on chronic fumblers… Extremely talented players like Ryan get multiple opportunities to improve. What happens to fumblers is, first, they play less. Second, if it continues while they’re playing on a limited basis, then you don’t play for a while and you get to sit and think about it. Third, when you get the call to go back on the field and the fumbling continues, then you will be somebody else’s fumbler.”

Loud and clear, A.J. – loud and clear. Here’s the full article from San Diego’s finest, Kevin Acee. It’s a worthy read.



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