Angels Rookie Hazing = Mike Trout in Diapers

That would be your AL rookie of the year, and possible AL MVP, Mike Trout. Just hanging out in a baby get-up with his teddy bear, and with Torii Hunter’s wife, Katrina. He wasn’t alone in this glorious outfit, here are the Angels rookies on their way to Seattle. Interesting time to haze… you know, on the verge of elimination with their wildcard hopes hanging by a thread.

In addition to Trouty, I spy rookies Garrett Richards, Kole Calhoun, Nick Maronde, and Andrew Taylor. All looking very handsome.

Apparently, this is something they’ve been prepared for awhile, according to LaTroy Hawkins, they’ve been carrying around these bears for two weeks.

That’s just fantastic.

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[pics via twitter: here, here]

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