Johnny Cash is Flipping You Off From Brian Wilson’s Leg

There it is. Johnny Cash flippin’ the infamous bird from Brian Wilson’s calf. I had heard that Brian Wilson got a tattoo of Johnny Cash over the winter, but nobody had actually seen a photo of it…until now. The tattoo is, if you’ve been living under a rock, one of the best photos ever taken: Johnny Cash giving the one finger salute to an annoying photographer at San Quentin. The greatest flip off in history.

It’s the same thing Brian Wilson would do to me if he knew I snapped that photo.

We chatted a few days ago, at a Starbucks, while he was here in San Diego with the Giants to play the Pads. He told me that his rehab was going well, and that he felt strong. When I mentioned that his beard was looking bigger than I’d ever seen it… he said, “It is a wild stallion right now…I refuse to trim it until I’m back on the mound next year.” He went on to clarify, “I won’t cut it off… just going to tame it a little.” Dude called his beard a ‘wild stallion’. That rules out ‘normal’ as a word you could ever use to describe Brian. Not that anyone would have used that to describe him. In addition to his leg tat, he was wearing Nike high tops, Lululemon sweat shorts, and a purple sleeved baseball under shirt. Standard.

Yes, I realize that posting this tattoo puts me into some weird category all by myself of ‘guy that posts calf tattoos of major league pitchers‘. First Mat Latos and his Family Guy tattoo, now this. Pretty creepy on my part to keep posting calf tats of pitchers, and for that… you’re welcome.


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