Whomp, Whomp, Whommmmmmp – Chargers are Toast

Yes, Philip… I, too, am disgusted by your play. I went to the game, as you all know. I literally don’t have the energy yet to write about it. It was just too painful. We looked too good in that first half. What happened in the second half was just unbearable to watch. I don’t have the words. My fury hath taken over, and I need to settle the eff down before I can actually think clearly and blog about it. So, until then… here are my tweets from last night’s game. There aren’t many because I was busy watching the game and screaming my face off to the point where I have no voice today. Anyway, I screengrabbed the tweets and added some dizzying commentary on the side. As always with tweet screenshots, start at the bottom, work your way up, and watch theĀ unravellingĀ unfold. (am I spelling unravelling, right?)

There ya have it. Pathetic. I’m taking the rest of the day off blogging. Mourn with me. Season’s over. Bolts blow.


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