Stickum Up, Norval!

So, as you’ve probably heard by now, according to Jay Glazer, the NFL is investigating the Chargers for possibly using an illegal “Stick ’em”-like substance during their 35-24 meltdown against the Donkeys last Monday night. The Bolts issued this statement on the issue: “We are aware of the inquiry and are cooperating fully with the League.” There are obviously a billion jokes here to be made, some of which I’ve already dropped on twitter… “Hey Goodell, half the fine since we clearly only cheated in the first half? Think about it.” “Hey Goodell, I think it’s only fair you also investigate that giant red thing on Peyton’s head. Can’t be human.” “The Chargers can’t even cheat right!” Etc, etc.

Whatever, the jokes are fine, and mostly stupid… but the real issue is not just that they were cheating… because honestly, I bet there are tons of NFL teams doing this crap. The issue is the Chargers PR team. I already gave my two cents on the Chargers PR “Chill Pill”. But this changes everything. Allegedly, the equipment manager had the substance hidden in hand towels and the line judge (Jeff Bergman) noticed it during a timeout and made the equipment manager in question empty his pockets. If this is true, the Chargers obviously knew they were now under investigation. Knowing this… they still pumped out that ‘chill pill’ piece? I mean, I know that Bill Johnston wrote it from the heart as a fan and all, but COME ON. You friggin’ kidding me with that crap? You call out your fan base knowing that you’re being investigated for cheating on the field? This is fictional story type stuff. Unbelievable.

The Chargers have some ‘splainin’ to do. Because if my assumptions are correct above, that’s the most amateur hour crap I’ve ever heard of.


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