Yes, I intentionally avoided all the stupid headlines you’ll see across the country today: “PANDAMONIUM” – “PABLOctober” – “KUNG FU PANDA PACKS PUNCH” – “GIANT PANDA TAMES TIGERS” – “HOME RUN ‘PAND’EMIC” – “SEñOR OCTOBER” – “PANDA ESCAPES PARK 3 TIMES” – and all that crap. What you saw last night… the San Francisco explosion from the plate against Verlander proves exactly what I said before this series started: The Giants Have a Date With Destiny.

How ’bout those fans? “Yeah, we had incredible seats to game 1 of the World Series… only we chose to watch it through massive panda heads. We got on TV though! …only nobody knew it was us, you know, because of the massive panda heads.”

As for the Giants, everything is going their way. Routine grounders bouncing off bases to become hits, Zito pitching like the billion dollar contract they gave him, Timmy coming out of the pen, Verlander looking human, and obviously – Pablo swinging out of his shoes… it’s all just seems so surreal unfolding before our eyes. Obviously the Series is far from over, but man… getting to Verlander early had to take some serious wind out of the Tigers sails.


[some headlines via rovell feed, photo credit because they’re both awesome: David J. Phillip/AP (top) & Danny Moloshok/Reuters (bottom)]

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