Dads Gone Wild – Don’t Charge a HS Football Field If You’re High, Unless You Want to Get Knocked Out

Description from YouTube:

At the Placer vs. Colfax game on October 26, 2012 at fan comes onto the field during the game. Don’t do this, unless you want to get leveled.

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This dude has to be high, right? He’s got those crazy eyes… that super human strength thing going on. How ’bout the dad that tackles him! So crazy. Then it took 5 dads and a rent-a-cop to subdue this joker. I get that the refs are just standing there watching, but man… I’d like to think that if this happened to me in high school… while I was playing on the field… I’d have taken this fool out. Delusions of grandeur, I’m sure.

More cowbell…


[lobbed by B.Wild]

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