WOW: Brooklyn Decker + Andy Roddick = The Bobbits

I just… I mean… I can’t… I’m almost speechless. Serious? How’d this go down?

Andy: “Babe, I’ve got a great idea for Halloween…”

Brooklyn: “Lemme guess, you want me to dress up all slutty like Paulina Gretzky.”

Andy: “No, no, no. We should be John and Lorena Bobbit… a couples costume!”

Brooklyn: “The Bobbits? The chick that cut off her husband’s penis and chucked it out the window of a moving car?”

Andy: “Yes, I think we should do it. It’s brilliant. You carry around a knife and look like a psycho. I’ll get all bloodied up and sad, and I’ll carry around a big dildo in a bag full of blood as evidence that you did indeed cut off my dong. Sound good?”

Brooklyn: “This is why I love you, Andy. Let’s do it! And let’s also do your costume idea.”


[thanks, Brooklyn… keep surprising us.]

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