Very Nice of the Chargers to Save Norval’s Job

I dare you to say that’s not the sweetest throwing motion in all the land.

Chargers win!! It was the Chiefs, so everybody just calm down. A nice win for the Bolts, sure. Shuts the critics up about firing Norval for a week, and Philip Rivers did a good job at shutting up the critics too. With his 90% completion percentage, became only the sixth QB to ever post one of 90% or higher. He did it on 20 attempts and tied for the fifth-highest of all-time with Steve Young.  Impressive. Too bad he threw that laughable INT in the end-zone that took points off the board for the Bolts. I did hear him say in an interview after the game, “That ball should have been a souvenir for a fan in the stands.” He knew he had no business making that throw.

Now, if you will, a moment of silence for Rivers’ shaved mustache. It may have left Philip’s face, but it will never leave my heart.


(Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

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