What’d I Miss While I Was at Disneyland?

Apologies for my lack of posts the past two days, as I took the family to Disneyland. It was amazing. Nothing better than Disneyland on Election Day. Place was empty. Literally walked onto the boat at Pirates of the Caribbean without breaking stride. That kinda awesome.

Anyway, that photo up top was in the U-T San Diego sports page today and although I think it’s one of the least clever things I ever said, it does sum up the two biggest San Diego sports stories from my two days away. Nice of you U-T to post it. It’s not the first time I’ve been mentioned in the paper… hopefully not the last.

So, Yasmani Grandal got busted for PEDs… or elevated testosterone levels.

From the Padres statement:

“We were disappointed to learn of the suspension of Yasmani Grandal for violating Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention & Treatment Program. We fully support Major League Baseball’s policy and its efforts to eliminate performance enhancing drugs from our game. Per the protocol outlined by Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement, we will not comment further on this matter.”

There ya have it. This really pisses me off. I was pretty pumped on Yasmani and now I’m just sad. Sad and frustrated. The arrogance of a professional athlete to put something illegal in their body to help their performance while watching their peers get busted on a regular basis… absolutely blows my mind. “I can do what they’re doing, but I’m not gonna get caught.” Is that the mentality? That’s the dumbest, most arrogant thing I can think of. Cannot wrap my head around it. I’m not happy with you at all, YazMan. (really hoping there’s an explanation for this, in which case I’ll be happy to write an apology to Yaz)

As for the Chargers… so, it took the NFL four weeks to determine the Chargers did absolutely nothing wrong with the use of these sticky towels. Four weeks of the national and local media calling them cheaters. Four weeks of being compared to Belichick and the Patriots for cheating. Four weeks of idiocy. In the end, Goodell decided it best to fine the Bolts $20k because the towel boy didn’t immediately hand over the towel to a ref. This is so freaking laughable to me, I can’t even put it into words. I mean… this is a towel boy we’re talking about, right? Am I wrong? I might be wrong. But man, what a pathetic organization the Chargers have if Norv Turner and AJ Smith haven’t told every towel boy to do whatever a ref tells them to do. (that was sarcasm)

This is a non-story. Goodell is a joke. He should issue a formal apology to Norval and the Chargers organization. So your towel boy didn’t immediately bend over backwards for a ref? You’re cheaters for four weeks!!! What a joke.



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