Go Help Get Some Cute Kids Go to Nationals…

Your second “go do good in this world” post of the day on Lobshots. I’ve got a friend whose daughter is on that Carlsbad Pop Warner cheer team you see above. I know that I started my long and illustrious football career playing Pop Warner ball and most likely… so did a ton of you. Here’s a cool way to help out some local San Diego girls who are killing it in the pre-Junior High cheerleader scene. Help them go to Florida to win the National competition. Even a dollar would be awesome. Ten dollars would be awesomer. I donated $20. Only saying that because I wouldn’t ask you to do something I wouldn’t do myself.  Go donate here. Go be awesome, lobsters.

If you don’t help these cute little girls get to Nationals… they’ll probably just sit home, and eat, and be sad, and turn toward pageants instead of cheerleading. Nobody wants that to happen… nobody.

I repeat, go donate here.


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