Story of the Day: “The victim nodded silently.”

aside from the jellyfish and a scuba diver, this photo has nothing to do with this story.

Chris Jones is a writer. A good writer. This morning on twitter, he told a story over the course of six tweets, as you can only use 140 characters per tweet. Here it is:

A story for your morning: I was SCUBA diving off Florida when a guy, a stranger, gets stung by a jellyfish…Bad sting, across his neck. You treat jellyfish stings with ammonia. Only source on that boat was our very full bladders… So maybe six of us heroically urinate on this guy. I remember trying to aim but not wanting to make eye contact while I did… After, the boat is silent. Nobody knows what to say. We all go for a nice dive and then one of us gets peed all over…

Then one guy says, “Probably would have been better to piss in a cup and then pour it on you.” The victim nodded silently.

Thought of that story when I saw that Nicole Kidman had been nominated for The Paperboy.

Thank you, Chris, for making me laugh on this fine Thursday morning.


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