My Favorite Family Christmas Cards

Meet Dave and Kari Rich. Dave, obviously, is a comedian, and Kari… well, she puts up with him. That’s their 2007 Christmas card. I couldn’t find their 2008 card, but here’s 2009…

Two years… two stomachs… I’m sensing a wonderful trend here. 2010 is lost, but there was an addition to the family in 2011. Baby California!

Three cards, three Dave belly shots. If you can look at that card without singing the Rafiki holding baby Simba song, you’re just weird. Well, time to check in on this year’s Christmas card from the Rich’s. Can I get another belly shot?

Yes I can! Four for four. That silly Dave. Hmmm… baby Cali looks a little different. That’s a very pretty flower in her hair, but something is off, no? Let’s compare with a current photo of young Cali.

Hmmm. Confirmed, this blond, very white, little girl doesn’t look at all like that cute little baby in the Rich 2012 family Christmas card.

That’s because the Rich family decided to hold a dark-haired, black baby boy in their 2012 Christmas card… and sign it, “Merry Christmas – Love, Dave, Kari, & California“. Yup.

Oh, and that baby? That’s 1989 World Series MVP Dave Stewart’s grandson. You cannot make this stuff up, folks.

Bravo, Dave and Kari… bravo.



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