Seahawks Players React to Post-Game Shooting at a Bar

Details are still fuzzy, but it appears that there was a shooting at the Munch Bar in Bellevue, Washington. Reports are saying there was one death and three other people injured. Scary stuff. Hard to confirm all of the Seahawks players that were there, but twitter gives some indication and says they were all safe. Prayers to the victims of another stupid shooting. Awful stuff.  As for the Seahawks that were present… Here’s a tweet from safety Kam Chancellor.

Here’s a very telling twitter conversation from Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright.

I’m guessing “black folks so damn ignorant” isn’t going to go over well in the media. Also mentions “two sets of gun shots went off in the club.” Greg Scruggs was also there. He’s the one that implied that he and his teammates were all okay after the shooting. Here’s what he had to say on twitter.

Some reality weirdo was apparently there too. No clue who this chick is.

Here’s a twitter feed to go read if you want to know what it was like to be there and witness the madness, “I’ll be sleeping whenever the shakes stop.”

Lobshots is getting good at this investigative reporting stuff, no?



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