Meet Amara Baptist, the Ballet Dancer That Has No Clue Why Kobe Bryant is Following Her on Twitter

Meet Amara Baptist – she’s one of 23 people that Kobe Bryant is following on twitter. I know, I know… you might already be thinking this is a dumb blog, and you’re probably right. But for some reason, this intrigues me beyond my ability to describe it. I blogged about Kobe joining twitter, and I’ve tweeted about it a few times. So far, he’s listened to everything I suggested. He changed his stupid mamba-twitter-bird avatar, he started following more than just the initial few follows of people with only more than 1 million followers. (the first of which was the lovely and talented Alex Morgan – a wise, yet interesting choice, Kobe). I tweeted that it was a slap in the face to his Lakers teammates that he’s not following them, and now he’s following a handful of them: Pau, Dwight, Steve Nash, Steve Blake, Darius Morris.

So, what does all this matter? Well, it doesn’t really, but social media’s a weird thing. People read into things that shouldn’t be read into. People wanna know who’s following who and why? So on this premiere list of people (currently 23 – ZOMG MJ’s number!) that Kobe is following, the girl you see above, Amara Baptist, intrigued me. She’s got about 1k followers and she’s also following about 1k people. Pretty normal by twitter standards. She calls Kobe Bryant her ‘boo’ and loves the Lakers.

People will certainly read further into that tweet than is merited. But it begs the question, who is this mystery girl? I didn’t know… so I asked her… who are you?

That’s a pretty fantastic awesome answer. Looking at her profile, she’s tweeted a few comical things. Such as these two gems…

Pau doing the dougie, kinda sorta… and Anthony Davis’ unibrow portrayed by a knocked-out Pacquiao. Pretty funny. Oh, and if you think I’m invading on some poor random girl’s privacy, well, I’m not.

Anyway, I don’t have the time or energy to find out much more about her, but she’s in rare company as somebody that Kobe followed that wasn’t one of the rich and famous. Pretty cool for her… pretty random for Kobe. Or is it? Your move, Deadspin.



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