Sorry Folks, Padres Public is Not an Actual Pub

Radres Rublic! Wow. You lobsters came through huge when I called for you to investigate, “What the Hell is Padres Public?” Here’s what you uncovered for me. There is no registered business name under “Padres Public”. They do not have a registered alcohol license. Nothing comes up when you search for them under San Diego County Fictiticous Business Names. So, that photo up top.. that’s not even in San Diego. So, that’s just some fancy photoshop work. Therefore, we can conclude that they are not an actual pub. That bums me out, because that is what I wanted.

This doesn’t mean it can’t be something cool. Here’s what else you found out for me: Their domain name is under private registration. So, all we know for sure is that they are indeed a website. In addition, their Facebook page is registered as a “website”. So, that settles that. So, does it have anything to do with the actual Padres organization? Like, are the Padres behind this? I don’t think so. I was almost positive they weren’t, but then the Padres President, Tom Garfinkel, tweeted this: “Is @PadresPublic coming to the membership event Thursday night?

Despite the tweet, I still don’t think he has anything to do with it… rather I think some of the Padres blogger boys have everything to do with it. I wouldn’t put it past Garfinkel to help promote their mysterious cause. The guys you see tweeting most about it, guys I mentioned in my original post — RJ’s Fro, Avenging Jack Murphy, Geoff Young (formely Ducksnorts), Ghost of RAK — those are the guys that are up to something. There may be more as well. They don’t post much, especially not in the off-season, but they like craft beer and they like blogging the Padres. I know them all personally, but so far… mum’s the word.

So, is Padres Public some sort of Padres super blog to challenge the likes of Friarhood and Gaslamp Ball? Maybe? I’m still digging… but I will get to the bottom of this. Why, you ask? Why do I care? Because when it comes to San Diego sports blogging… I run this town.


(sorry for that last line, I just watched Gangster Squad.)

[huge thanks to Gavin, John, Steve, Jeff, Sarah, Jen, and Andrew for your investigative work – kinda fun, right? ]

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