Is Sports Illustrated Starting a New Website Called “Swim Daily”?

Is Sports Illustrated starting a new site called “Swim Daily“? I think they are. Blind luck* led to me a little wordpress blog that looks like the beginnings of something very, very wonderful. Here are a few screengrabs of this website that is clearly not intended for public viewing… yet. (Everything you’re about to read is speculation on my part. I have no clue what’s going on here.) For all of them, you can click to enlarge.

So, there are two “test posts” up so far. You can tell it looks very similar to the Extra Mustard “Hot Clicks” site run by Jimmy Traina, which I love. This next screengrab is wonderful. It’s the background image to the website that pops up while the screen is loading. Again, it’s wonderful.

From what I can tell, and this is all speculation, it looks like SI is developing a blog/site that will feature daily swimsuit photos of some sort.

That’s the cover of Sports Illustrated’s first ever swimsuit edition, in 1964. That means there’s approximately one bazillion photos of swimsuit models that SI has gathered over the years, which makes for more than enough content for a daily post.

For all I know, the site will be taken down by the time you’re reading this but for now, here is the link to the site. (<–I was right, that now links to Boom!) You can see on the right side that you can follow the tweets for the site at @SI_Swimsuit.

We know that account is already active, therefore, I’d assume this new blog will take the place of the URL address currently in above screengrab of their twitter feed. Again, all speculation, but if you’re a dude, it’s exciting nonetheless. However, since it’s speculation, I should point out this could just be some random clown that started a very official looking wordpress blog and linked up all of SI’s content, which would make no sense whatever.

Anyway, if it does become a blog… it will become very popular… and you heard it here first. Lobsters make the world go ’round.


[*before you assume I’m a perv and was googling around for Daily Swimsuit blogs, know that I found this site because the alleged SI Swim Daily blog linked up one of my posts here on Lobshots, and when that happens, I get notification of it… so I investigated.]

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