Where’s the Concern, Lobsters?

Technically, every post could be my last… but this one feels different.” That’s the line I wrote on my last blog… FOUR DAYS AGO. You know how often Lobshots goes without blogging for three whole days? Never. Wanna know how many of you asked if I was okay? None of you. How’s this supposed to make me feel? If you answered “sad” — you nailed it. So sad.

Luckily, the Russian meteor shower didn’t take me out, I just went up to Big Bear with my boys. We ditched our families for the weekend. Nine of us in a cabin. It was an unreal time. Snowboarding, bowling, Bible study (*gasp*), poker, good coffee, good wine, “Cards Against Humanity” (which is an awesome game I’d never played before), tons of shuffleboard, and a lot of just hanging out. Sun was shining, and snow was on the ground. It was perfect. Thanks for the memories, gents.

In the photo up top, four of us are missing, but left to right, that’s RyDogg making a dumb face, me in purple, Gravy in the awesome tee, Gibbs looking handsome, and Showman reppin’ the Pads and that Miami school that’s not in Florida. Awesome that we all have demon eyes. Also, awesome that I’ve got a nice lil sweat ring around my neck… why, you ask? Because I’d been tearing up the dance floor at little cash-only dive bar in Big Bear called Chad’s Place. Decent chance they rename it BP’s Place after this weekend.


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