Friends Don’t Let Friends Make ‘Harlem Shake’ Videos…

I thought I could do it. I thought I could just wait it out. If I pretended the Harlem Shake didn’t exist, maybe it would just disappear. Maybe it would just go away like Call Me Maybe and Gangnam Style parody videos. Welp, I lasted a few weeks… and today, I’ve caved. I’m finally posting one on Lobshots.

The Heat made their own Harlem Shake video, and I want to hate it… but I don’t, I love it. I know, I know… I’m mad at myself too. Same with Lebron… I’ve wanted to hate him for years… but I don’t, I love him. I’m a huge Lakers fan and I’m in love with Lebron. In love. I live a complicated life, lobsters. Now, the video:

YouTube Preview Image


This video. These dudes. They’re just having fun. It’s so cool. If it was any other team, they’d be getting ripped in the media, but since everybody knows that Lebron is playing outside of his mind and the Heat are gonna win another title… nobody cares. Let them eat cake.

I, for one, am shocked that Lebron has a king’s robe and crown just hanging to wear whenever he has the urge. Shocked.


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