Are Tom Telesco and Magic Mike McCoy Throwing Out the First Pitch for the Padres Home Opener?

Sweet! Padres jerseys for the head coach and GM of the Chargers… lightning bolt sleeve patch and all. That’s awesome. That photo comes from a Uni Watch reader,

“I work at a sports apparel store in San Diego, and every so often the Padres will have us customize jerseys for people throwing out the first pitch,” says Jared Bremseth. “They recently asked to do jerseys for the new Chargers head coach and GM, so we added a bolt sleeve patch for the occasion.”

Pretty cool. Pretty cool and very interesting. Does this mean that the Chargers new dynamic duo will be throwing out the first pitch for the home opener? Has to, right? I haven’t seen that news anywhere. Is this breaking news? BREAKING NEWS!!! If it is, it’d be a smart move by Tom Garfinkel. He knows this is a Chargers town. Also begs the question, did the Padres ask the apparel store (presumably Sports Fan in the Mission Valley Mall) to add the Bolt patches, or did the shop just do that on their own?

One more thing. How in the world did they decide on #14 for Kid Dynamite and #10 for Magic Mike? Currently Mark Kotsay wears number 14, and 1st base coach Dave Roberts wears number 10. So many questions, lobsters, so few answers. Let’s get to the bottom of this…


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