Time Warner Cable CEO is Slummin’ It… Only Made $17.4 Million in 2012


THR – Time Warner Cable paid chairman and CEO Glenn Britt $17.4 million in 2012, up from $16.4 million the year prior, the company said in a filing on Thursday.

The company also said it has amended Britt’s employment agreement, extending it for one year, through Dec. 31, 2013.

President and COO Robert Marcus earned $10.1 million, up from $8.4 million the year prior.

Executive vp and CFO Irene Esteves earned $5.5 million, down from $5.9 million a year ago, while executive vp and chief technology officer Michael LaJoie made $2.7 million, up from $2.6 million.

Executive vp and general counsel Marc Lawrence-Apfelbaum earned $3.3 million, up from $2.8 million.

Well, don’t you look happy Glenn Britt? I wonder what the difference is in asking price for the Fox Sports San Diego vs. Time Warner Cable dispute? Think it’s over/under $17.4 million? Decent question, I think. Whatever the margin is… that very same margin disappeared between FSSD and AT&T/Dish/DirecTV… because all of their customers can watch the home opener from their couches if they want.

So, Glenn Britt… if you don’t mind taking a break from swimming in your gold coin vault, could you maybe push this thing along? You see… the Padres season has started and 21% of the friggin’ city still can’t watch them play… even if they are 1-5. So get your act together, Uncle Scrooge. Do work…



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