Acee, Annie & BP – A Match Made in Masters Pancake Heaven


This is a few days old now, but big thanks to Kevin Acee and Annie Heilbrunn for having me in studio to talk some sports, make some pancakes, and look like a complete idiot wearing a Masters caddie jumper. Even though I’m making a weird face, I put that screengrab above so you’ll think that I just made Kevin and Annie laugh the entire time if you decide not to spend the next 7 minutes of your life watching us chat and me make a pancake.

There ya have it, lobsters. Hope you enjoyed. If you had trouble viewing here, head over to UT-TV to see. If you didn’t watch, here’s the Masters pancake I made…. all while talking, by the way. That wasn’t easy… trying to be smart, clever and sound intelligent, all while focused on making sure my pancake didn’t suck. I think it turned out alright…




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