Spider-Man 2 Fight Scene Leaked…


YouTube Preview Image

He got pants’d! Not gonna lie, never even saw the first installment of this new Spider-Man series. Apparently, they’re filming a second one, and this is a fight scene that a fan grabbed while they filmed on the street. The YouTube user said, “Filming was in public so no copyright infringement.” Well, alright.

The dude in the track suit is Paul Giamatti, who I love as an actor. Apparently, he’s the villain in the movie, Rhino. Turns into something looking like this… charges things.


Doesn’t look like much of a badass in the leaked fight scene, but here’s a photo of him on set.


Now, who knows if that’s actually Giamatti in the leaked fight scene? For all I know, it could be one of his stunt doubles.


That looks uncomfortable.


[h/t adam]

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