I Have a Proposition for You, Mr. DJ Fluker…


That. That’s Chargers 1st round draft pick Daniel Lee Jesus Fluker… you know him as DJ. Annie Heilbrunn, our friend from the U-T and FSSD, tweeted out that photo of their hands. It’s one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever seen. We seen big hands in San Diego before… Kawhi Leonard comes to mind… but those mitts on Fluker…wow. I can’t stop staring at ’em. It’s other-worldy.

So, in an effort to compare his massive hands to the most massive of all hands… the Giant Among Us… I’d like DJ to do a little experiment for me. We’ll see if he plays along.


The man is holding a normal sized 12 oz. can of Molson beer. You can see flesh on the top and bottom of the can. I repeat… the man’s hand was bigger than a 12 oz. can.” To put things in perspective. DJ Fluker is listed as 6’5” 340lbs. Andre the Giant was generally listed as 7’4″ 500 lbs, as you can see if you look at the full magazine ad from that photo.


DJ Fluker’s hands are listed at 10.5″, Andre the Giant’s were rumored to be 16″. Sixteen inches. Since I’m a visual learner… would love to just see Fluke holding a can.

What do you think Fluke? You down to grab a twelve ounce can and snap a photo? I’ll put it up on the blog and we can compare…. just how big are your hands compared to Fezzik’s?



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