Mike Dee is the Padres New President and CEO: Nowwwww Here’s a Little Story I Got To Tell…


If you don’t see the name Mike Dee and immediately think of Mike D and the Beastie Boys… well, I just feel bad for you.


Anyway, back to baseball…. I was one of the few that was very disappointed when the Padres and Tom Garfinkel parted ways. People on twitter seem to think Mike Dee is a good hire. Hope they’re right. He was here with the Padres, as you can see in that yearbook photo above, from 1995-2002. No doubt he’s responsible for the Friars’ World Series appearance in ’98. “I’m Mike D and I get respect, your cash and your jewelry is what I expect

Also, it’s worth noting, because I’m into this sorta thing… Darren Smith was the first person here in San Diego that I saw bring up Mike Dee’s name… that was two days ago. 5 retweets? Shoulda had 50.


Then, this morning, Ben Higgins tweeted this:


Almost exactly 1 minute after Ben’s tweet, the man himself came out with a statement.



How long until that @MikeDeeFins becomes @MikeDeePadres? By the end of the week? The end of the day?

Let’s hope this is an awesome hire… and that he brings back the brown unis. Time will tell… but until then, I’m guessing the local media will be… jockin’ Mike D to my dismay… 


[yearbook pic via @rjsfro]

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