Layoffs at U-T San Diego… New Hires at The Mighty 1090


Of all people, Mahan is dropping all kinds of San Diego media news this morning.

Jay Paris is joining the disaster that is Hacksaw & Hayworth on The Mighty 1090? Jay was a previous casualty of lay-offs over at the Union Tribune. Paris always seemed like a straight shooter. Nothing against Jay at all. Not sure why he’s joining this show though. Pretty telling on how terrible their ratings must be. What was once The Franchise Walrus all by his lonesome is now Walrus+2. Let’s be honest… Paris fits the mold, I guess. Old and white. Whatever… I still won’t listen.

The real news here… are the lay offs at U-T San Diego. Apparently the lay-offs at the U-T happened a week ago, but I was unaware until this morning. I know a lot of people make fun of U-T TV, but I really enjoyed The Sports Page with Acee and Annie. I’ve been a guest on their show a few times and I thought they were great. Terrible news that Annie Heilbrunn has been let go. (I’m sure she’s thrilled that friggin’ Mahan took it up on himself to share this news with his Twitter All-Stars) She’s a friend and I’m sad to hear the news. She’ll move on to bigger and better things in no time, I’m sure. Maybe this means her role at Fox Sports San Diego will grow. If you haven’t put it together yet, Annie was the one that did the story on the Bold 1 in the Padres lineup card… featuring Tom Garfinkel and yours truly. Sadly, I think it was the last interview Garfinkel did before he was driven out of the Padres front office. Oh, what a tangled web…

lobshots bp and annie heilbrunn

That’s me… and that’s Annie. She’s good people.

My sources are telling me there were a bunch of lay offs over that the U-T… yes, I just dropped a “sources” line. We’ll see who else fell victim to the ax dropped by John Lynch… the puppeteer at the U-T, but I think Annie was the most notable name in the group.

2-16-2006_John Lynch, president and CEO of Broadcast Company of the Americas. This is a profile of the granddaddy of SD radio. He founded 91X, Mighty 1090, etc. San Diego, CA._SCOTT LINNETT/San Diego Union-Tribune

That’s John Lynch, Sr. Some people think Papa Doug Manchester is the one calling the shots over there. Those people are wrong. It’s Lynch. As for the firings, I can tell you this much… Kevin Acee is obviously still at the U-T, but it will be interesting to see how his U-T TV show changes now that Annie’s gone. Jay Posner, who should still be the sports editor, is still around.  Scott Kaplan and Amber Mesker were NOT laid off either, as they were live on this morning…

Lastly, and most comically, in addition to tweeting out local media news… Hacksaw likes to tweet out soft-core links.


Can’t make this stuff up, folks.


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