Eric Weddle on His Friendship with Philip Rivers: “We Talk Like We’re Butt Buddies or Something”


This interview just went down on the Darren Smith Show on Mighty 1090. I got to hang out with both Eric Weddle and Philip Rivers yesterday at Chargers Park. (see how I just casually slid that in there? keep an eye out for many posts about that this coming week.) Anyway, Weddle and Rivers… both great dudes that I loved spending time with. So, I’m posting this because I think people will make a big deal out of this quote from Weddle, and I think that’s dumb. I’m getting out ahead of the criticism. Head to the 9:10 mark of this interview. My transcription attempt:

Darren Smith: (long-winded question to Rivers and Weddle in an attempt to find out if they’re are friends both on and off the field) “How much do you guys talk?… Do you guys socialize? … Is this a friendship here or a relationship? Do you guys talk a lot at all? Or is this it? Is this like the most you guys will talk all camp?”

Eric Weddle: “We talk like we’re butt buddies or something. (laughter) I mean… I’m very secure with myself, but, I mean… we talk x’s and o’s… we look forward to the nightly snack.”

Philip Rivers: (clearly shocked by Weddle word choice) “Yeah, no, we’re… yeah”

Darren Smith (laughing): “How do you feel about that comparison there, Philip?”

Philip Rivers: “Yeah, I don’t know about the choice of words there.”

Eric Weddle (still laughing): “I gotta go to special teams! You’re my dog, Phil! I love you, bro.” (Weddle promptly takes off and leaves Rivers to finish the interview alone)

I love it. Hilarious. I guess if you don’t listen to it… and you only read it… some people might construe that “butt buddy” statement the wrong way, but c’mon… Weddle was just joking around. Locker room talk, Rivers is his boy. Not that anybody in their right mind would use Urban Dictionary as any kind of evidence to back up an argument, but here’s the no. 1 and no 2. definition for Butt Buddy:

Two very close friends that spend a lot of time together, and are rarely seen apart from each other.


A term used to describe very very very close friends of the same sex. Almost as if they were gay but they certainly aren’t gay. Often seen together 24/7.

They’re good friends. They both have wives and families that they love. I guarantee people will make a big deal out of this, but it’s nothing. Let it go. It’s just Weddle using a poor choice of words, that he thought would be funny (well, he probably didn’t give it a thought at all actually) and in hindsight, as Rivers suggested, he should’ve phrased it differently. Whatever. It was funny. It was live, and these things happen. They’re good friends. End of story. Great interview.


[photo and audio from Marty Caswell, and I hear video is coming soon]

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