Jason Sudeikis is on Some Kinda Run Right Now…

mumfordMumford took to the talents of Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Ed Helms and Wil Forte to make their latest video, and it’s brilliant.

YouTube Preview Image

So good… and that’s coming hot off the heals of this gem by Sudeikis. Nailed it.

YouTube Preview Image

“Circle ’em up, have ’em put on their pads and let’s start playin’ for real.”

This guy. A comedic genius with an insanely hot girlfriend (seen at the bottom). Oh, and his weight loss since his early SNL days? The aforementioned Olivia Wilde told Us Weekly how they “have sex like Kenyan marathon runners,” and Jason says that contributed to getting skinny. Is that right? Welp, I’d say Jason is doing alright.

How many countries are in this country?



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