Play of the Year for the Chargers. Magic Mike McCoy Saves Philip Rivers’ Life


YouTube Preview Image

I kept waiting for Dan Fouts or Billy Ray Smith to mention it… they didn’t. I thought maybe I saw it wrong… I didn’t. Watch that video again. (Terrible commentary from me, but I couldn’t contain myself.) Everybody is focused on the that amazing Dwight Freeney bull rush… so much so, that they miss the my boy, Magic Mike. One-handed grab outta nowhere. Seriously, watch it another fifty times… that Russell Wilson throw-away is coming right for Philip Rivers’ face. Intentional, no doubt. Either way, Magic Mike just casually tossed up his right hand like it’s no big friggin’ deal and stabs that thing right outta mid-air. Rivers looks stunned, and Magic Mike gives him the football point, “I got you, son.” I love it. LOVE. IT!

Play of the year.


[huge ups to @CorkGaines who humored me and made this into a GIF, follow that man]

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