I’m Enjoying Keith Olbermann’s New Show


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I’m enjoying KO. There’s a sense of nostalgia that comes along with it. Brings me back to the days when Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann were must-see TVing it up on SportsCenter. You remember.


YouTube Preview Image

Those were the days. Anyway, enjoying Olbermann’s new show. Two reasons I picked the clip up top. One, I love the hyperbole involved with slapping the “World’s Worst Person In Sports” title on somebody. Two, I oftentimes feel like I’m all alone in my hatred for the incorrect usage of the phrase “I could care less“… oh, you could? You should then. You couldn’t care less? That… well, that I understand. Anyway, nice to see that KO cares about it as much as I do. I don’t feel so alone now. Don’t think I missed the Hot Fuzz “Judge, Judy and Executioner” reference either. Well played.

Go Perds!


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