The Tale of Two Halves…

NFL: Houston Texans at San Diego Chargers

I’ve got about 6 billion words for that game last night. Tons of player thoughts, play analysis, etc. I had it all. Hell, I tweeted it all. I was on a cloud higher than nine after that first half. Philip Rivers was there with me…


Then… it happened. The second half.


The second half slowly crushed my fan spirits to the bottom of a wine bottle. That analogy made no sense. Neither did the game. My live tweets were textbook schizophrenia.

They started like this…

Then they shifted to this…




The Norval jokes have all been made. The comparisons to the 24-0 start MNF loss against Denver have all been made. Bottom line? Texans came to play in the second half and the Chargers didn’t. I don’t want to to talk about it anymore, because I’m falling into a state of fan sadness. All my analysis and jokes and whatever. *poof- gone* That’s all.



[photo Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY, GIFs via SB Nation]

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