Peter King Said Some Things About the Chargers and Magic Mike


As always, Peter King’s MMQB is superb. Here’s what he had to say about the Chargers:

Good for Mike McCoy, who thinks before he snaps. So the Chargers had a 21-point lead with 21 minutes to play Monday night and blew it, losing 31-28 to Houston. Same old Norvy Chargers, right? “I went back and watched the tape,’’ McCoy said Sunday from Philadelphia. “I tortured myself. I went back and forth over the plays we called, wondering what we should have done. In this business, you know every time a play doesn’t work, you say, ‘I should have called something else.’ And after I examined all those plays down the stretch, you know what? I wouldn’t change a single one. I have faith in my coaches and what we called. We just had to play better, and that’s what I told my team.” On Sunday, reclamation project Eddie Royal scored his third, fourth and fifth touchdowns of the season (Eddie Royal—he still plays?), Philip Rivers threw for 419 yards, and San Diego, on a short week, stunned the Eagles 33-30. Heck of a job preparing his team by McCoy.

Also, PK spoke with Andy Reid on the phone:

When we spoke, Reid didn’t know the result of the Chargers-Eagles game, and when I told him San Diego won, he said, “Chargers won? Wow!’’

How great is that? PK also handed out his awards. This one goes to Magic Mike:

Coach of the Week

Mike McCoy, head coach, San Diego. The Chargers had a terrible loss Monday night, blowing a 28-7 second-half lead and losing in the final minutes to the Texans. McCoy watched the tape of the big fourth-quarter mistakes, and watched them again, and again. And he decided: We’re fine; we’re not going to panic and make a bunch of changes because of one rotten quarter. His team fed off that six days later in a stadium full of rabid Eagle fans, and stole a 33-30 victory.

PK also quoted P. Riv…

“Everybody talks about us out there on the West Coast and Southern California, but we got a lot of gritty, tough guys. We knew what this game was going to be. We knew it was going to be a track meet from the standpoint of how fast they were going to go offensively. We kind of no-huddled the no-huddlers as we got going.”

—San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers, after the Chargers came east on a short week and outlasted Philadelphia 33-30.

Philip Rivers. Gritty.


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