Johnny Drama! Met him last night at the Padres game. Good dude. Very funny. Have I told you that my eyes close when I’m laughing? Well, they do. Back to Drama. He’s a big Mets fans, and became close buddies with former Mets GM Omar Minaya. Well, Omar is on staff with the Padres now, so Drama was in a suite with Omar watching the game.

I was lucky enough, along with a few other bloggers, to be invited by Padres president/CEO Mike Dee, and Padres GM Josh Byrnes to their suite for the game. Amazing experience. More on that later. Here’s how it went down with Drama, tweet style.


Drama was so cool. He laughed at my jokes. He laughed every time I called him Johnny Drama too. It wasn’t until he was leaving our suite that I said, “Kevin, seriously, it was good to meet you, man.” He smiled and gave me that, “Oh so you do know my real name” look.

Has any actor ever been more attached to a character name? No matter what other movies/shows they might be in, you still just call them by the character name that made them famous… Stifler maybe? You know what I mean… “What’s that one movie with the Rock and Stifler?… oh yeah, The Rundown.” If I’d have texted my buddies. “Dude, I’m hanging with Kevin Dillon!” “Who?” “Johnny Drama” “Oh! Nice!”

As for the Entourage movie? Yes, he talked about it. I don’t want to throw him under the bus because he spoke pretty candidly about it… but he thinks it’ll happen, once the actors get on the same page with their paychecks. Cross your fingers, kids.

Going into last night, I was so pumped/nervous to hang out with Mike Dee… who’d a thought Drama would be the highlight.


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