One of the Chargers Just Bought a Tricked-Out Gold Bentley. Any Guesses?


Got an email last night from Mike, a longtime lobster, “Chargers DBs Brandon Taylor and Jahleel Addae blew up instagram this afternoon posting a fellow chargers gold Bentley. They wouldn’t elaborate on who the player is, and I can’t figure out who is driving a crazy flashy ride like this on the Chargers. Maybe you know? Keep up the good work



That’s a helluva lob from Mike right there. The video posted by Brandon Taylor, you can see Jahleel say, “That thang 24 karat!” Also, really with that attempt at a hashtag? The spaces, and the use of the word “retarted”? I’m not a fan of using that word even when it’s spelled correctly. Good grief.

Remember, it’s not the first Bentley we’ve seen at Chargers Park.

So, whose car is it? Smart money’s on anybody not named Philip Rivers. I spend some time researching it. Found that it was custom made by an automotive designer, a cat named Rich B Caliente. I even found a video of Caliente’s work. The gold Bentley is something he’s clearly proud of. Check it out.

So, I did a little more research and tried to find some known associates of Caliente. Well, well, well.


That photo was posted three days before the Chargers signed veteran cornerback Richard Marshall. He had played three preseason games with the Dolphins. Begs the question, are we looking at a before and after shot of that Bentley? Did he really do that to a pristine silver Bentley?


I think he did, folks. I appreciate nice cars, but by no means am I a ‘car guy’… so I can’t tell you 100% if those are the same vehicles, but logic tells me they are.


**update: further confirmation**

How ’bout a ride, Richard?


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