Good Win for the Chargers…

Eddie Royal, Johnathan Cyprien

It’d be easy to downplay this victory with a “oh, it’s just the Jaguars,” but the Jags are an actual NFL team. It would have been devastating to the Chargers if they’d loss going into the bye week. Devastating. So, it’s not so wonderful that they won… it’s that they didn’t lose… if that makes any sense. Rivers looked awesome. Mathews ran for over 100 yards again, and got a rushing TD, which is rad. Royal found the end zone again. Keenan continued to look solid. The O-line was playing special teamers and still managed to protect Philip. Very impressive. Defense held a crappy offense to 6 points, no touchdowns. All around a solid win.

Hardest hit of the game? Right here.


Anybody checked on that poor security guard? Blackmon didn’t.


(AP Photo)

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