Chargers Lose Third Straight… Awesome.


Ugh. Another very winnable game flushed down the toilet. I know you don’t come to LobShots for me to break down game film and give a critique of every play. Rather, you come to laugh and after a Chargers game, see if I have the same feelings you do about the game. (I think?) So, unfiltered… here goes… rapid fire.

Derek Cox is terrible and I don’t know how he’s on an NFL team.

DJ Fluker is even better than I thought he’d be… on both sides of the O-line.

Philip Rivers still runs like a baby giraffe, and this time the baby giraffe tossed a TD to Gates past the line of scrimmage. That was dumb.

You can almost see Gates physically passing the torch to Ladarius Green, and I’m okay with that. I love Gates and I hope we get a couple more good years out of him, but Green is a beast and he’s only getting better.

Nick Novak and Mike Scifres aren’t the reason we’re losing. I like them.

Ryan Mathews looked amazing. 51 yard scamper and he’s making people miss? Third 100+ yard game this season. Does that mean we have to keep him now? I think it does. Kid needs to learn to block and pick up a friggin’ blitz though.

I like Danny Woodhead… but please stop comparing him to Tiny Darren.

Keenan Allen getting hurt is terrible. He’s been so good. That taunting call against him was a load of crap.

Corey Luiget’s late hit on Tannehill was one of the dumber things I’ve seen on a football field this year. One of a handful of plays that cost the Chargers the game.

I have no idea why P. Riv didn’t clock the ball sooner on that final drive.

This team needs to spend a week doing Pop Warner tackling drills… they’re just terrible.

Keenan Allen is much better at kick returns than Eddie Royal… helps that he doesn’t fair-catch it every time.

Philip grew back is Movember ‘stache.

Vincent Brown never seems to be on the same page with Rivers. Why is that?

Remember when the Chargers were 4-3? Signed, the 4-6 Chargers.


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