Chargers Win Big, “ShEli” Manning Signs Steals the Show


Truck job by the Chargers over Eli Manning and that team he plays for… a 37-14 stomping. Solid offense, defense, and special teams by the Bolts. Too little, too late? Probably. However, there is a tiny glimmer of hope as they are still mathematically alive for the playoffs.


On to the show-stealer, that ShEli sign… so good. I thought it was glorious. Sure, it’s been ten years, but Eli and his daddy disrespected the city of San Diego and like it or not, that’s not something we’re gonna forget anytime soon. Earlier this week, when asked why he didn’t want to come to SD, he responded, “I don’t remember.” Coward.

I realized there are a lot of people that think this sign was shameful, disrespectful and a disgrace to San Diego. If you’re wondering why, the narrative to that argument is that it’s sexist and insulting to women. If you’re insulting Eli by putting makeup on him, then you are also suggesting that inherently, being a woman is BAD. That’s not how I saw it at all… others did.

To each his own, I guess? Most of my twitter followers loved it. A few didn’t. I have no problem with that argument. Individuals can’t decide what offends other individuals. If you’re offending it by it, that’s your prerogative. Just not how I saw it. I did find it amusing that based on my twitter timeline, it was all guys that were offended on behalf of women. Meanwhile, a few women in my timeline weren’t in the least bit offended. It was a female follower that first sent me the photo.

Another female follower that sent me a photo of her kissing the Eli with makeup face. It now serves as her twitter avatar.

When I posted a photo of Michael Ghelken from the U-T interviewing the guy with the sign… Amanda had this to say… clearly the opposite of offended.

Then Marty Caswell, from The Mighty 1090, who provided the close up shot of the face, had this to say.

So, clearly folks disagree on whether it’s sexist or just plain funny. This world would be a boring and terrible place if everybody agreed on everything. Lastly, people realize that this wasn’t just “throwing Eli in drag,” right? This was a recreation of an insanely popular piece of art. Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe ringing any bells?


Rang my bell.


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