Now, That’s An Autograph…


Yeah, Oscar Taveras! Do not conform to the ways of this world! All these jokers and their fancy signatures… thinking they’re better than you and me. Not Oscar, no way. Signing his baseball rookie card like a common man… a common 5 year old man. I love it.

That wasn’t a one time autograph fluke either. Look at these puppies.


The card up at the top is on eBay, as of the morning of 12/27/13, it’s got 11 bidders and it’s currently priced at $49.00forty nine bucks! Kid hasn’t even had a cup of coffee on a Major League roster and he’s already killin’ it on eBay. I don’t know the story behind these child-like signatures, but sadly, it would appear his autograph has grown up…


That’s a real shame…


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