Is It Time For An Intervention, Yonder Alonso?



Hanging with A-Rod, Yonder? Not what Padres fans want to see. Not what we want to see at all.

I don’t care if Yonder, A-Rod, and Manny Machado all have the same agents… nothing good can come from this. I have no problem with pro athletes gettin’ after it a concerts. Good for them… but A-Rod?

Yonder instagrammed it… A-Rod tweeted it… but Yonder didn’t tweet the A-rod photo. Isn’t social media weird?

Here’s a photo Yonder did put on instagram with Rick Ross at the show.


Later, Rick Ross joined up with Jay-Z, P. Diddy, and a bunch of other probably famous dudes. Ross had loosened up his button game by the time this photo was snapped.



[first lobbed by Bodie]


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