The Executive Director of the NBA Players Association Finalists Are…

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So, my story about Domonique Foxworth being a candidate to replace Billy Hunter as Executive Director of the NBA Players Association has gone national. It got picked up by Bloomberg/Business Week. <– see what I did there, I linked up the story that picked up my breaking news. But the writer, Scott Soshnick, gave me credit at the very, very bottom of a noisy article and provided no link to my site or my story.  I asked him about it and he said two things: 1) Bloomberg refuses to link up outside sources. 2) He was tipped about “Dom” yesterday.  Uhhhh, I posted my story yesterday morning?  Not much of a “tip” since I’d already broken the story. He later confirmed his tip was due to my story. Makes more sense, but that’s no longer a tip… that’s a confirmation of my story.

I was going to name the other candidates my source told me about one by one… just to have some fun with it. But you know what? I don’t want anymore “tips” stealing my thunder again. So, I’m going to drop on you the other three candidates for the Executive Director position, as told to me by my source, who clearly knows a lot about the search to replace Billy Hunter as the head of the NBA Players Association.

Here they are:

Bruce Meyer – big time sports law attorney that helped the NBPA reach a deal with the league to end the last lockout.

Riche McKnight – another distinguished attorney, and another one that has worked with the NBPA before (Bloomberg reported he was in the running a few months back, but not that he’s among the final few candidates, which he is).

Stu Jackson – former GM, former coach, long time NBA exec.

Seems like a great list of qualified, experienced, impressive individuals. You know, except for Domonique Foxworth.  He’s a first year business school student, and he’s going to go toe-to-toe with Mark Cuban? Good luck with that.

Time for Chris Paul to put his thinking cap on… can’t imagine him blowing this decision, and costing himself and his fellow players hundreds of millions… which would inevitably lead the league down the path to another lockout.

The players clearly have good candidates to choose from. Choose one. Just can’t imagine them choosing “Dom.”


[lead image via NBPA]

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