Amazing Padres Vehicles: Part Deux

Yesterday I posted a picture of an awesome Mitsubishi van, decked out Padres style, that was apparently given away to a fan during the 1987 season. I ended the post with a flurry of questions. Who? What? Why? Where? I needed answers!

Similar to BP’s Bullpen Buggy post, Gavin came to the rescue again by contacting Andy Strasberg of Fantography, who is also the former Director of Marketing for the Padres.


That picture above was literally a page or two away from the Padres van ad. Almost as if he was requesting us to contact him and ask about it. According to Andy, starting in the 70’s, they gave away multiple Padres themed vehicles over the years as a Fan Appreciation prize. He also sent us two completely amazing pictures:



Oh the things I would do to own those vehicles.

The “Buzzie Buggy” was obviously named after former Padres President Buzzie Bavasi, who was with the team from 1969-1977. You can see a 4 on the door, so perhaps it’s from 1974? How killer is that helmet on top? This picture is in Andy’s book Fantography, which you should go buy right this second. The van picture is from 1980 according to Andy. It did not make the Fantography cut, therefore this is another “never before seen on the internet” picture.

A big thanks goes out to Gavin and Andy for sharing those great details and pictures! Andy will be releasing another baseball Fantography book on May 5th called San Diego Baseball. You can pre-order it now. I just bought the original book on Amazon and can’t wait until it gets here.

Rick can be found all over the place these days. To make things easy on yourself, just follow him on Twitter @RJsFro and he’ll point you in the right direction.

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