Don Stanhouse, Ginger Legend… Twitter King


Look at that freaking guy. Just amazing. So, yesterday I read this amazing recap from Sully Baseball with screengrabs of the 1979 World Series, Pirates vs. Orioles. I tweeted out the link to the story, and then shortly after, tweeted out the above photo of Don Stanhouse.

A few people immediately retweeted and favorited, then, to my surprise, last night and this morning, my @ mentions started exploding. Alexi Lalas tweeted it out… a few Grantland writers tweeted it out… a few people with tens of thousands of followers that I’ve never heard of tweeting it out. Crazy, man. You never freaking know on twitter what’s gonna blow up. Now, ‘blow up’ is a relative term. To me, 170+ RTs and 130+ Favorites is an absolute explosion. To others? Not so much. For example, this morning, Jim Carrey tweeted out a picture of his toothbrush. That’s it.  

Boom, a thousand RTs and a couple thousand favorites. Alrighty then.

So, like I said, it’s all relative. But then I got to thinking, even though I tweeted out a link to their story a minute earlier… should I have said, “h/t @SullyBaseball” on my tweet? I mean, I’m all into giving credit where it’s due. If I had, he’d have gained some new followers and a ton of mentions. I don’t want to be one of those jerks that I call out on twitter for not giving someone credit. Where do you draw the line? I mean, everything came from somewhere, right? I’m not gonna tweet, “h/t my google image search” on every random photo I find. I mean, there’s only 140 characters. What’s the twitter etiquette there? Who knows… just know that I’m at least conscious of it… thinking of it… others aren’t.


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