Jason Verrett Wore a Raiders Beanie. So What.


First thing I thought when I saw that photo? “When was this taken?”¬†As you can see, it was on instagram forever ago, long before he was ever a Charger… so I almost didn’t even bother posting this. Second thing I thought was, “His girlfriend is really cute.” But I digress. For those comparing the two… this photo is much different than Keenan Allen’s Vine wearing a Raiders hat.

keenan-allen-raiders Sure, it is pretty crazy and comical that in back-to-back years, the Chargers have drafted dudes that have photos floating around online of them wearing Raiders gear. But this is way different. Even MORE of a non-story than when KA13 did it.

jason-verrett-chargers Welcome to San Diego, Jason Verrett… looking forward to big hits and big picks.


[pics via Derek and Chargers]

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