Time-Lapse Video of the Cocos Fire in San Diego

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube – Timelapse shot with GoPro Hero 3. 

Filmed from 10:17am to 12:43pm, Thursday May 15, 2014. We finished capture to find we’d been evacuated at 12:30.

One frame captured every 10 seconds for 2 hours 24 minutes.

Notice the wind picks up at :10 seconds and the fire blooms at :11.

Camera on southeast corner of Stone Packaging Hall, looking southeast. Plume of smoke on left is the Harmony Grove hotspot, the plume on right is the CSUSM hotspot.

That’s just wild. I expect that video to be on every national news outlet in no time.

Just devastating. Be safe out there, lobsters.


[lobbed by Joe]

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