The Padres and Johnny Manziel… One Big Publicity Stunt?


See that tweet? 9,700+ retweets and 5.100+ favorites… think the Padres have ever had that kind of action on a tweet before? I’m guessing not. What are the Padres gonna do with Johnny? Try to bring him out to Spring Training? Put him on a bobblehead? Sell Johnny Baseball jerseys? He certainly won’t be playing, right? He’s a quarterback in the NFL. My thoughts as soon as the draft happened…  

Padres GM Josh Byrnes recently went on The Mighty 1090, the Darren Smith Show, and stated that there’s very little value to be found anyway in the 28th round of the draft… so why not draft Manziel? He went on to say that his potential value to the team includes “visiting, speaking, or playing.” Playing? Good one. Like on swans?


So basically Byrnes admitted that Johnny Football was drafted for marketing and promotional reasons. Feels like it’s making a mockery of a professional baseball organization. Or maybe… just maybe… Byrnes is an absolute genius, Manziel is the next Bo Jackson, and the rest of us are morons.


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