Alex Torres’ Giant Lid Landed Me on The Today Show


So Alex Torres became the first ever player to rock this new protective lid in a game. I tweeted out the above photo of that massive lid… then shortly after… tweeted this.  

Apparently that tweet caught the eye of The Today Show. How? I have no clue.


A friend from CincyShirts, Darin, send me that screengrab in a text. “Carson Daly thinks you’re funny.”

Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool. There were a lot of funny reactions to the initial tweet about the hat. Here are a few of the comparisons folks came up with. Pretty good.


For the record, I love this hat. I’d wear if I was a pitcher because it could save my life. I’d wear if I was a blogger (which I am!) because it’s hilarious. I want to buy one.


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