Tim Lincecum, the Newest Owner of the San Diego Padres



Tell ya what, yesterday morning, when I read Jonah Keri’s Grantland piece about how pathetic the Padres have been as an organization, I actually believed him when he suggested… “Hey, can’t get any worse, right?

A few hours later, Tim Lincecum no-hit the Padres for the second time in eleven months. 11 months! According to wikipedia, he now owns the Padres. (It’s since been updated back to Ron Fowler.) I kinda wish they’d left it. Just as a reminder to the Padres. 

If you’re saying that’s just a photoshop job, well, I looked into that.

Nope. Giants fans got to the Padres wikipedia page, won’t be the last time.

But hey, Padres won the series, right?! Right?



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