Never Thought LobShots Would Make Sports Illustrated


Love it. I know it’s just one word… one mention… no big deal. But then again, it is kind of a big deal, right? This is Sports Illustrated. I’ve had a subscription to SI for, on and off, the last 25 years. The pinnacle of sports journalism. And here we are, a bunch of San Diego bloggers behind the Brown cause, getting a shoutout.

If you read this site, you know I love Lee Jenkins, and you know I’ve been begging the Padres to Bring Back the Brown. I think my first blog about the Padres brown uniforms was in 2011. This isn’t just any issue of SI, either. This is the issue for the print version of Lee Jenkins breaking the Lebron James to Cleveland story. That was the most visited story in the history of The single biggest story they’ve ever had.

That story is in print now, and I’m in print alongside of it. Good feeling, not gonna lie.

Thanks, Lee.


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