Did Gronk Hit the Strip Club After Bar Hopping in Pacific Beach?

gronk party

I wasn’t able to confirm what you see above, so let’s just take it for what it is… a facebook post. Technically, could be true… could be a lie. But what I see is a lovely lady that got to hang out with Rob Gronkowski and Jonas Gray. She got their autographs on her t-shirt (I can’t make out the middle autograph)… and if I’m reading her hashtags correctly, she did have a fun night with Gronk. In no order in particular, they went to Tavern, a bar in PB, Wendy’s fast food, and Pacers Showgirls, which for you out-of-towners, is a strip club in Point Loma. No, I won’t link it.

Oh, and don’t think I’m gonna let that “Whatcha know about Jonas Gray 😉” comment slide. Especially with a topless bar involved, there’s about 7 billion ways you could read into that comment… winky smiley.

Listen, this is Gronk. This is a surprise to no one. This is what he does…. allegedly. I mean, we knew Gronk was roaming around PB last night… just not to what extent. Officially… we still don’t know.


Maybe this matters… maybe it doesn’t. Maybe Belichick will care, maybe he already knows and won’t (doubt that). Either way, here’s to Gronk going out in PB every night this week, staying ’til close, and playing miserably on Sunday night! Go Bolts!


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